One comment on “U.S. No Longer Considered a ‘Full Democracy’ — and It’s Not Trump’s Fault

  1. If one makes a tiny effort to define “democracy” there’s nothing to worry about – neither the US, nor almost anybody else, perhaps with the exception of Iceland, ever had any real democracy. So measuring up or down the democratic scale within unreal democracies is a rather pathetic, silly exercise in befuddleduddlement. It’s like arguing whether CNN is more fake news than WaPo. Either you have a democracy in which every person is equal, period, or you do not have a democracy, just another Somethingocracy or Otherocracy. The concept of democracy isn’t open to speculation in my book. What should be being measured is the level of authoritarianism, or totalitarianism within political systems. Forger democracy: there isn’t any.

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