5 comments on “What Would Happen in the Minutes and Hours After the US Invaded Canada?

  1. Uhh… speaking as an American (but certainly NOT speaking for the American government) are you Canadians truly honestly having this fear? More importantly, don’t Canadians have faith in the people of America in general? Besides Trump and his domestic antics, what in God’s name is feeding this fear? There’s far more to worry about in life than whether or not America finds Canada worth invading at all.
    The only “invasion” from us that Canada will ever see will be a pissed off American population toward the current occupant of the White House leaving the country to points north of our border. You guys have lived through that before during the Vietnam years. The other option for Canadians… build a wall, and get America to pay for it.

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  2. Economically, Canada was always a banana republic of America. If there is noise of “invasion” Anschluss is the word that comes to mind: simple annexation so natural resources and cheap (slave) labour can be had without lengthy negotiations. With our purchasing power in the proverbial toilet where Wall Street likes it to be, why would even a total madman like Trump invade, unless it was to boost his ego, just like Reagan invading Grenada?

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