2 comments on “What Canada Would Look Like if Trudeau Legalized All Drugs

  1. Yes, legalize all drugs: using drugs isn’t a crime, what the hell? But beyond that, what would the world look like if only real crime, as in immoral acts, was legislated and appropriately punished, starting with the death penalty for all military and para-military forces, banksters and corporate executives, all of whom daily commit tens of thousands of murders of innocent, helpless individuals. Hang them all publicly, make a good show of it. Somebody might get the message. When are people going to realize who their real, and deadliest enemies, are? When are they going to stop supporting and worshiping mass murderers? There’s an answer to that: when they kick their Matrix programming. When they wake up to reality. Wars on drugs; wars on terrorists are psyops, all of them. First, create the “terrorists” then make money fighting them; create proper conditions for the harvest of drugs, then confiscate them to re-sell – isn’t that what the US military and CIA are masters at doing? Criminals all.

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