2 comments on “This Company Has Built a Profile on Every American Adult

  1. The dirty villains! They (government/corporate conspirators) have gradually encroached on our Constitutional and natural rights for at least a couple of hundred years so that now the people are so used to submitting to “authority” that they don’t even know how to think for themselves. Because the US government (and most likely all others) is so corrupt, we’d be better off holding a lottery to appoint random citizens to all government offices. At least they’d be forced to give some thought to the important matters so that they could make reasonable decisions. The basis for making decisions should be, “do no harm.” If they can’t make something better, then they should leave it alone. And no immunity should be given to any government officers. If they act inappropriately, they should be personally accountable and responsible.

    But once people understand that all of the “terrorism” has been faked by those who have would have us as their property and slaves, the people will have to re-think everything, especially all legislation enacted since 9/11, and at some point decide to no longer allow this type of privacy infringement because it is unconstitutional and, more importantly, against natural law.

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  2. Speaking of natural law, seems to me that “nature” has a very similar, probably way more sophisticated data base system on literally everything. What is DNA? What are genes? How does an immune system work? If we think about this we realize the entire universe is one huge interconnected data base without which it could not function intelligently. Call it the UIA or Universal Intelligence Agency. This local phenomenon isn’t anything to get one’s shirt all twisted up by… unless we do have something to hide: I don’t, so go ahead pin heads, collect away! You can’t have much of a life; either that or there’s really good money in gossip, and what is it but gossip in the end? If I wanted to get involved in “violent” anti-government (or System) revolution, wouldn’t I make a complete mockery of this “info gathering” by changing everything about myself? Wouldn’t it work to my advantage that they had painstakingly profiled the “old” me so the “new” me would be totally unknown and unrecognizable, not in their database? The old me would continue to show up predictably according to the profile while the new would function off their grid. This game works both ways.

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