One comment on “The Most Fascinating Paracas Mummy Found So Far: Newborn Baby With Elongated Skull

  1. These discoveries and obvious conclusions they lead to are making a complete mockery of all mainstream teaching on man’s “evolution” and civilization. The real conspiracy now is the one maintained by the establishment’s silence in the face of mounting and irrefutable evidence of previous and highly advanced, as well as completely different, civilizations, having spread over this planet time and time again. Why is it so important to the status quo to hide evidence of previous civilizations? What’s the really big deal? Did the earth come to an end when it was finally admitted it wasn’t flat but somewhat in the shape of a globe? So we re-write a few speculative tomes on ancient times and fire up a whole new and lively discussion based on archeological evidence: you’d think academia and science would be chomping at the bit to get into this. Are they all brain dead zombies? Hello? Lights are on but nobody’s home? Or, more likely, their silence is heavily subsidized… so who’s paying, and what is the reason for that silence? Are “they” deliberately imposing a kind of silence of the lambs upon the world by authoritatively imposing a simplistic official lie over a more complex truth? In other words, they are deliberately promoting an unthinking society of “deniers” of everything that is non-official, non-authoritative. A sort of mind-entrainment. Global brainwashing that prevents the victims from becoming self aware or critical.

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