5 comments on “International Fact-Checking Network: New Worldwide Ministry of Truth?

  1. How long before the IFCN gets Snopes under its banner, or has it already done so? The elites, knowing they are now dangerously exposed; their predatory capitalistic system on the edge of total collapse and nothing serious to replace it that would equally benefit these same plutocrats (emphasis on “RATS”), are desperate to hide their crimes against humanity while holding on to their gross levels of injustice. This is more retrenching and wall-building. Sadly for them, it is as if China decided to strengthen and upgrade the Great Wall for internal security. In today’s reality, that wouldn’t amount to a hill of beans. And neither will this very stupid move. It will succeed in polarizing the sheeple and confusing a lot of them, but it’s not the majority of sheeple that will bring about the downfall of the elites, they are doing it to themselves… “Patience, little grasshopper… patience…”

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