5 comments on “Deep Dark Thoughts About The Satanic Darkness Of The Deep State

  1. Thanks for presenting this for analysis. My comment is not an attack on this website, but the opposite. I think it takes ‘guts’ to post such articles and let the reader exercise discernment. The article itself is what I’d call true fake news. Not a shred of evidence is presented, only emotional spew. The worst part of this kind of semi-religious propaganda is, the mind wants to believe it. It would make so much sense to just plunge into this misinformation by faith alone. If we are to give any kind of credence to these claims we need to insist on evidence. If we are to demand it of MSM, we need to demand same from social media as well. We need to police our own networks, methinks, otherwise we lay ourselves wide open to the charges brought on by MSM. We need solid evidence. Failing that we need to discipline ourselves to say, “I won’t buy into this.”

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    • You have to shoot your way out but chances are you’ll be blown up in the cross-fire. I hate it when that happens because you can only regrow yourself the same way you already were – no changes allowed…

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      • Sha’Tara.., so sorry I have not visited you lately. Seemed you didn’t see me when last we met, while I thought I was looking in the mirror. So ‘Dodge’, stay put for the metamorphisis? Will visit soon…Promise.


  2. Hey rexisb… I’ve been up to my armpits in alligators – someone forgot to drain the swamp, and I haven’t even written anything on m own blog – and I’ve got a month volunteer work coming up in Fort Mac (that would be Fort McMurray, and yes, with all that sludge being shoveled out of the ground… but some honest folks got burned out and then flooded out a while back and with our ducks lined up, we should be able to put up some replacement housing for those without insurance… so I won’t be blogging much for a while, just poking my nose in here ‘n there, leaving slug trail comments. Take care o’ you, and I’m with you, “Dodge” and stay put for the metamorphosis – with my compassionate input to hopefully make the transition easier.

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