3 comments on “The SMS Recordings Revealing That Assange Was Framed By Police In Rape Case

  1. It’s the kind of world we live in, wake up people and smell the bacon. You want to be a public hero and go up against the status quo, expose its crimes, and do it credibly? There has never been a time when such acts were ever simply allowed. If the world-ruling cabal did not actively, forcefully and violently cover up its trail of endless crimes, sometimes with murder, sometimes with war, most times with brow-beating propaganda, it could not stand. The hero must be made to appear the criminal. Robin Hood, Zorro, William Tell, Castro and Che Guevarra, Joan of Arc, the list of those the System martyred or vilified when it could do no more, those who stood for the people and became myths and legends, is long and underlined in blood. Julian Assange now joins that list and because he’s still alive his story could go in any direction.

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