6 comments on “The ‘Fake News’ Hoax: A Desperate Response From A Desperate System – David Icke (36 min)

  1. Good one. Leaves one with some serious thoughts about the future because you suddenly realize it isn’t just a “fake news” issue, but a “fake everything” issue: fake politics, economics, education, food. It’s like seeing through the veil of perception deception and seeing the skeletons.

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    • David Icke News Update, my thoughts on David Icke sent to a friend followed by an article excerpt:


      David Icke an interesting charismatic humorous talker and truther but ultimately, not to be trusted

      David Icke is likeable, charismatic, a great speaker, has humour, and delivers many truths the elites don’t mind we know in this information/disinformation war. Icke is too good to be true and would have been killedike Bill Cooper back in 2001 and many others such as Carol Valentine , if he was a real Truthteller. Ickes BBC background, his uncertainty about his parents.

       His resemblance to john d Rockefeller. It’s possible that in a plan going back decades, David Icke was meant to be one of the elites many ‘ truthers’ , telling many things but witholding, distracting, inserting disinfo into others. No doubt Icke has given some great entertaining talks and I like him. As any CIA operative knows, disinfo contains loads of truth to latch onto. Icke gone on a lot about Savile and many other things.
      The overall takeaway point I’m trying to make is: we are in End Times now where the elites quarantine multidimensional soul recycling satanist prison is ending, has ended. 

      So the elites have used people like David Icke to spin things in their favour, is my point. Ickes comments about lack of earths curvature and ignoring the Suns spotlight effect where it can’t possibly be 93 million miles away, speaks volumes. I still like him though he’s a good speaker and makes me laugh. But I don’t trust him. He might even mean well in his heart but is Ipcress File mind controlled. The elite do this a lot to people. However there’s nothing to fear at all. 


      Just another hit piece on Flat Earth theory from the alleged “Alt News” media like David Icke and his nonsensical ramble on Flat Earth.
      Notice how NO ONE talks about how Flat Earth Geocentrism was the belief from the ancient cultures for over 5,000 years.

      Notice how they do not speak to simple, logical observations like:

      – Hot spots of the Sun proving it much closer than 93 million miles,
      – NASA faked photos and all the Freemason Admin along with Nazi’s being brought over to run NASA
      Jesuits founded Big Bang Theory
      – You cannot have a solar eclipse if the Earth is down here and the Sun and Moon are UP there..
      – Instead he attacks immediately with Tin Foil hatters and the purpose is to distract, divide etc.


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      • Question: “you cannot have a solar eclipse if the earth is down here, and the sun and moon are up there.” A problem I see with that is, in space (where all this takes place) there is no up or down. But the shadow theory, that makes sense to me because of the spacing and size of objects involved. A “total” eclipse isn’t really that – the moon’s shadow only eclipses the sun in a narrow band on earth. A total eclipse would mean that there is no sunlight anywhere on earth during the passage of the moon across the sun. Semantics? Bad science? Deliberate misinformation? If what “they” say isn’t the cause of an eclipse, then what would be? Remember that these passages are predictable, so they must follow some kind of natural pattern.

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  2. I have a theory about the sun, well a couple, actually. He’s a lot closer in summer than winter, and a lot closer near the Sahara and southern California than here, although no complaints this summer: it’s been a sunny dandy for sun worshippers like myself… The other thing I think is going is, if he doesn’t pay his heat bills, he’s a lot cooler, but when the money comes in, well, we get sunspots, and sunburns and sun to burn. Ok, that’s just conspiracy theory… and your article is great. It reminds me of my other favorite mantra: “believe all things, believe in nothing.” (Oh, you want to know what my very first favorite is? “Expect the worst, you’ll never be disappointed.” That’s how you become an optimistic pessimist, which makes one a prophet… 🙂 )

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    • Hi optimistic pessimist
      I’m on the fence about what I am. Id like to be an optimistic optimist, but I’m pessimistic about that, it might be too optimistic a position to take
      But I do sense part of the misinformation battles in this huge spiritual war is, they try and manage wellto control the type and flow of information out to us all . And make us think maybe things are worse than they are, to sap our spiritual resolve and strength and make us waver and then swallow their bait
      So I hope theres room for optimism, for us all. Definitely if we can all escape this fallen angel abyss, and get free lof the quarantine, and regain our memories, and never forget again, then we will be immortal because …..my feeling is Shatara as long as you have memories, and have the ability to reunite and hang out with people you’ve known and loved. Theres nothing to feel sad about

      On Moon and Sun matters. Yes definitely, ive noticed the sun being way way closer and huge, in summer sunsets , I’m in England on same latitude as you more or less, ill have to check the map though if it can be trusted.
      The Moon too. Theres definitely times its much closer, and times its further away.

      Richie from Boston youtuber who I think is good, made the really good point about the eclipse. The moon must only be about 70 miles wide. Because the shadow going across America was about 70 miles wide.

      I will investigate and gather my thoughts more on the confusing issues of the sun and moon and then report back

      But I know one thing: the Set An Priesthood coven that’s in the Vatican, the Jesuits, and Scottish Rite Freemasonry NASA, have completely lied about everything up there now. This much is clear.

      I hold out hope though that the Voyager unmanned crafts were real, and some real images there, but those ‘planets’ are actually conscious beings/ ‘Gods’.

      However at the back of my mind I even think Voyager images aren’t genuine either


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