2 comments on “Norway: Real Life ‘Pizzagate’ Authorities Arrest 51 In Child Sex Ring, Lawmakers Included

  1. Ok, I found the article relating to the British aspect, and the BBC attempted coverup. As I’ve been saying, and writing about, all of this “stuff” is a clear indication that man’s entire civilization needs to be brought down, not just some parts painted over, or remodelled – that won’t work: the very foundations of this civilization have completely eroded. It was supposed to bring man out of darkness (nature!) and into his brave new world of conquest of nature and a higher awareness that would make the gods and their teaching remnants irrelevant. Instead man created a new hell for himself. He destroyed his natural environment; invented money and used that artificial construct to oppress and subjugate all of civilization, invented the means to blow up the planet many times over, using such means to blackmail the world, fired up endless wars and finally, polluted and over-populated as if earth was his private toilet.

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