6 comments on “Christmas, Spare me your Good Wishes

  1. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” – Hamlet, Act 3, Seene 2

    While I can only empathize with your degree of angst regarding your choice to pursue a life misunderstood by those who engage in our society’s most common delusional habits, it occurs to me you still seem to be angry at (something) about it all. Anger, as I’m sure you know by now, is not a very good place to spend your energy…

    I too am an atheist, as a result of not losing my crap detector before the age of 3. The very first time I heard the stories told to us all in our own particular sect of Christian belief (mine was Presbyterian, if it matters), my four year old mind reacted with a thought I clearly remember, to wit: This can’t be right!… which my adult mind would express more lucidly, with, “what a load of crap!”….

    So, I learned to question what I was told, & discovered mostly, it was all crap. So, I spent my life learning, instead of believing things that clearly had no evidence of being real.

    But, I also tend to go with what Bertrand Russel felt, when he said this: “Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.” — Bertrand Russell, Autobiography

    Don’t be angry at them, milady. They can’t help being mundanes, for their minds were controlled before they had a chance to use them….

    Though I don’t actually believe any cult or sect’s dogma, I do believe in our spiritual nature, so, I don’t find it ironic to say…

    Blessed be… if only blessed to know what is real….

    gigoid, the dubious

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  2. Thanks Lou. I love starting a good, hot, steamy discussion. Well this isn’t quite it yet, but look how many words the post got out of “the Dubious” Gigoid with whom I agree. My post is too long, so the point is overworked and sort of lost, I know. I’m not angry at “Earthians” so much, Gigoid, I’m angry at “something” that controls and uses them. Something they once knew about but have forgotten. I’m not always angry, but for me anger is a totally legitimate expression when nothing else works. Anger doesn’t weaken me nor frighten me: it’s a solid part of my nature. I just don’t allow it to slough off into hate. I don’t do hate except in controlled spurts as in, hate that which is evil. I’m not an atheist so that confuses atheists. I can believe in the existence of God and assorted, endless numbers of spiritual entities without believing IN any of them. I can believe in the existence of the dictator of North Korea but I don’t believe IN him. Same thing. I can rant against spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms and I’m not shooting barbed arrows into empty space, I have a target. “Pure” atheism is doing mankind a great disservice at the moment by taking an absolute stand that spiritual forces cannot exist. Those forces like nothing better than to have their reality completely denied, they can, and do, get away with murder thus. Blame the stupid Earthians for all of it. And they are to blame, to a large extent. They accept their programming and accompanying bullshit because they won’t honestly or seriously look at alternatives. They’ll carry on this way, killing each other and destroying their very environment as if they had no choice. They have. They can change their minds. They can stop the evil they are doing by recognizing it for the evil it is and they can decide to become compassionate entities instead. But that means a lot of change, an awful lot of change. They seem able to suffer imposed change but are unwilling to make personal, controlled change for themselves. So yes, they do piss me off. Who tolerates the bombing of hospitals or school children so they can fill their gas tanks or buy a tablet at Costco? Who in today’s world can’t make the connection between DAPL and the trend to drive ever bigger trucks as commuting vehicles? Hello?


      • Thanks for that thoughtful comment. I’m never looking for agreement, just honest discussion. The “human” factor is a touchy thing. Much of my deeper information comes from sources I trust but no one else can know, not being from this reality and as far as I know, the Teachers have not chosen to speak to anyone else but me. Or perhaps no one else is listening. There is one trait of a true human that immediately cancels the Earthian claim to human status. A true human NEVER kills. Not others of its kind, nor others period. A true human would naturally give its life for another without equivocation. We do not kill. We are empaths, we cannot kill. That would be the first step an Earthian would have to take to qualify in becoming human. There are many other aspects of humanity that Earthians cannot manage. Hence, beyond the self-promoting arrogance of Earthians (Homo Sapiens) the consensus is that Homo Sapiens of today remains classified as pseudo-human. They are a non-evolved race of invented creatures that was never meant to exist here. It has yet to decide whether to join the natural flow of things, or destroy itself and its environment to prove its superiority. No one is going to interfere to save it. It must make the choice based on its own information and desires. This goes into a very long and tedious history.


      • I’ve heard of it; I may have read excepts, but I don’t know off hand what it stands for – always leery of anything called a law. I suppose it its “googleable”?


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