5 comments on “Fuck Work: What if jobs are not the solution but the problem?

  1. To Leslie: yeah, like the military and working in a slaughter house. Coal mines, cube farms, sweat shops, well basically any job worked that doesn’t meet social and economic needs of individuals. But talking about jobs is like discussing the merits of the latest horse-drawn plough. Take it to the societal museum, it’s obsolete thinking. Man’s problem – note: not plural! – will not be solved piece-meal, whatever “piece of the meal” is withdrawn or put forth as the cure. This is a global crisis caused by a civilization that has been going downhill for generations while being bolstered by lies and technological sleight-of-hand. Science and technology is coming to a grinding halt in terms of dealing with global issues because it is based on consumerism and cheap natural resources. Neither science nor technology can begin to address the damage already done by… science and technology. Then there’s this other little problem so conveniently overlooked because it’s the elephant in the room: overpopulation. You have 7.4 billion people trying to suck a life from an environment that under optimum conditions can support 1.5 billions. That was before climate change. I see a problem with that even if no one else does and I sucked at math and never understood ratios. Well, there’s a ratio in there somewhere, and it’s not conducive to making either America or the world great again. My argument is, it doesn’t matter what you replace “jobs” with to keep 7.4 “souls” functioning unless you’re a wizard of the 5th dimension and you can either make people smaller (say around 1.5 feet tall) or you can quadruple the size of the planet while cleaning up the pollution. I’m game for a demonstration…

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    • I have to agree that overpopulation is a huge contributing factor. In the West, and dare I say, parts of the East that issue has been addressed and people are simply not reproducing. It is a transitioning problem.

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