2 comments on “Hidden in Plain Sight: The Global Depopulation Agenda

  1. In answer to “Speculator” first: the sheeple, an apt term, cannot function mentally without authority over them. They’ll always chose bad authority over none. That’s the programming and nothing anyone can do to change that. Only an individual who chooses self-empowerment can break that programming and based on some interactions on blogs during the US Prez election when I challenged people to vote for Jill Stein as an alternative, I got told the same old saw, that alternate votes only gave more votes to those I opposed. You just can’t win. Trump is the result of programmed thinking.

    To population control. It is a truism that if we can’t do it for ourselves, if we can’t discipline ourselves, if we can’t take control of our own world and its resources and control our own numbers, some power, some force, will do it for us. That is incontestable. The world cannot support the billions now trying to survive, with more being added each minute. Come on, where’s the sanity? So from lack of popular action, some elitist group takes the reins and changes the self-destructive direction taken by mankind, and we’re supposed to become incensed? Let us die in our own way, in our own mess, taking billions with us, in horrible conditions and pain, but don’t interfere and try to create a more sane, just and natural future? There comes a point where choice is no longer an option. Mankind has passed that point long ago. Mankind has the intelligence but chooses NOT to use it. If aliens, or some elitist Earthian group fills in the vacuum and takes control, don’t blame the vacuum filler, blame yourselves for your non action and non choices. For once, blame the real culprit.

    The Georgia Guidestone makes total sense to me based on what I just wrote. But it’s quite conservative on the permanent population numbers. According to my sources you can comfortably maintain as high a number as 1.5 billion Earhians on this world. However, they must be exclusively vegetarian and they must develop a new technology in symbiosis with nature. Some pretty exotic concepts are hidden in these few words.

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