6 comments on “Vladimir Putin: Words From the Horse’s Mouth Bust Western Propaganda

  1. Russophobia, huh? Well, not here… unless of course it’s obviously the Russians’ fault. This morning I was working on some plumbing – rebuilding a bathroom actually – and when I fired up the water lines, there was a leak. Well, says I, who else? So I immediately put in a complaint with the Russian foreign minister who, predictably, assured me that President Putin had nothing to do with my bathroom leak. Like I’d believe THAT LIE. Of course it’s the Russians. It was always the Russians. It’s always the Russians. And how far are they? I bet if I got a really high ladder I could see clear across to Russia, see? They’re right there, right there, just waiting to screw with my plumbing, and who knows but that at night they sneak in my house and move my DVD’s around. Or spring my rat traps. It’s the Russians, I tell you. Who else would openly lie about things like that? And there’s more, oh yes. They did 9/11 you’ll see. And you can be certain that those aren’t American Indians at Standing Rock, they’re Russian spies and terrorists disguised as First Nations people. But we’re on to them…

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  2. On a serious level, democracy stands upon the cliff-edge, here, in that any vote for change will be contraverted by the self-styled intelligencia on grounds of dirty tricks, or subversion, or even – in the case of the British Brexia vote – the electorate having been ‘lied to and deceived’ into making a wrong choice. The new Age of Reason, stimulated within the Internet, is shining a light upon a status quo that has existed upon the foundations of public ignorance for far too long. It has a considerable weight of guilt harbored within its craw, and a multitude of sins underneath its carpet it cannot afford to have exposed. So let battle be joined!
    On a more prosaic note, a lot of people make a very good living out of creating new sins for the Russians, the Islamists, or anyone who does not support the holy cow of Israel to commit. If the valuable political tool of propaganda is no longer believed, they are under threat of the dole queue.
    At the same time, I wonder if we are not in danger, in the tidal shift of public opinion, of imbuing Putin with unconditional sainthood. He is a politician just like the rest of them, and in a curious analogy to some Irish politicians, he has a doubtful past. He would be failing in his duty to Mother Russia if he did not take full advantage of his new-found popularity.

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    • Of course he represents and will defend Russia’s interests. I would not question that. And yes, he is an ex-KGB man. That being said, he still is one of the only real world class politicians out there. All others look like a bunch of bullies in a bar fight. Look at the pathetic Obomber…enough said.

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      • The one outstanding thing which comes out of the Russian intervention is the cessation of death in Syria. On an idealistic level we may not like it that Assad clings to power, but there is no-one else with a realistic chance of leading the country out of the mess it’s in, and my thoughts are with the ordinary people who have been bombed and rocketed and sniped by a succession of fanatics for five years now. They are experiencing a moment or so of peace at last.

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