2 comments on “Inbred Oil Kings and the Bush League of Criminals

    • Swiss Pharaonic Octagon. Interesting. Also Tyla Gabriel here is acknowledging Trumps blackmailed.


      ”No justice will take place while these people are in office. Trump is being black-mailed by the SES and lied to even about Syria and the chemical attacks, not conduced by ASSAD but rather by agents of the banking cartel – CIA – Mossad. These organizations, SERCO and the SES all serve the banking cartel, the Bank for Inter Settlements and the Swiss Octogon Pharaonic bloodline familes slave masters.

      The Queen alone is not doing it. She serves The Crown Corporation which serves the Swiss Octogon families.

      Do not listen to this clown agent of the Khabbalah, poster called “Limo Wreck”. He is a liar and a fraudster. ”


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