One comment on “Dr Ellis Silver: Aliens Have Brought Our Species on Earth from Somewhere Else

  1. A truly fascinating topic, one I enjoy getting into. Zecharia Sitchin’s extensive research on the subject is the best place to start getting acquainted with the idea that Earthians did not evolve here. The most blatant and obvious evidence is the difference in races. If “man” had evolved naturally on this world you might have small body differences in adaptive traits, but races? Tiny people to giant people? How fucked up, confused or malignantly experimental do “scientists” believe nature is? Apart from the obvious mentioned above re: mal-adaptation to the planet, let’s throw this one in: why are Earthians racists at the core of their being? This isn’t just a western European sickness, it’s endemic and global. Why must we endure misogyny? Could nature develop such an insane concept, that the male of the species should fear, hate, endlessly lust after and mistreat the female? What’s with that? What about religious empires, or the preparations for endless war? Where’s nature in that? Ridiculous. Man is an alien species that has yet to adapt to this world, and if my futuristic travels mean anything at all, it’s a state “he” will never achieve. Man will eventually be forced to leave this world never to return. His exit from earth space will be spectacular, peaceful, and complete.

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