2 comments on “The Anglo-American War Machine

  1. As I’ve basically always known, “America” (that nameless pretend nation) was created by the globalists as a back-up to the British empire should something go wrong, for example should “the sheeple” of Britain down the road wake up and decide they didn’t want to be involved in permanent global war any longer. “Americans” were brainwashed and trained into senseless violence from the get-go, thus ensuring that war would ensue and continue. If we want to talk about the very first and impeccably choreographed “9-11” one needs look no further than the so-called American revolution. Imagine pulling that off, and Hollywood not even on the map yet. A pretend popular revolt, the right amount of bodies to make it look real, the myths and propaganda churned out and turned into holy pronouncements and still believed over 200 years later: brilliant. Eat your heart out, Dubbya.

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