11 comments on “How far back must we go?

  1. Brilliant Sha’Tara. I was wondering when your first post would appear. I long for a return to the source, to our natural sate of being, but most often I feel pessimistic about our future. Psychopathic warmongers from the elite classes are ruling the world to their advantage and they will not relinquish power easily.


    • To address your comment: not they won’t; they never do, that’s why traditionally significant change always comes via violent, bloody revolution. Let’s hope such isn’t going to be the recourse this time. If it does; if the younger generation decides to go for broke and bloody the streets, well all I can say is, I’ll be there with them – that choice is already made. But I won’t lead it. I know a better way, a permanent way.

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  2. Thanks for your “approval” – I was a bit nervous about posting. I’ve made a few edits, one quite serious: I had “quantity” and “quality” reversed, but I suppose in reading the “gaffe” would be missed.

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      • I think everyone who read your post got something good out of it Sha’Tara, and I wouldn’t waste my time on something that didn’t interest me:) I love the fact that you wrote it, bypassing all the copyright laws that I find so irksome.


  3. I agree about the copyright, I have no use for it. If I have something to say, I’ll say it, or write it. If someone picks up the ball and keeps it going, what could be better? Thanks.


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