5 comments on “US Cultural Colonization in Asia Pacific

  1. That the Roman Empire seeded itself in the British Isles, then like a virus, followed the “colonists” to “New England” which became the Unites States, is no news to me. I’ve known this most of my life and any student of Western history could not miss it if the study was done with an open mind. The “American Revolution” was a farce, another psy-op carefully orchestrated and liberally basted with bullshit propaganda that works even today. The two world wars were designed to cement the Empire between America and Europe as a major effort to rule the whole world. Korea, Vietnam and before that the taking over of the old Spanish empire, and now the Middle East and the military threats to Russia and China – all a part of the program whose ultimate goal is to establish Empire over the whole planet under one dictatorship. It won’t succeed but it will come close, then its internal corruption and inimical factions will destroy it like cancer.

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