2 comments on “Canada: Police chiefs want new law that would compel people to reveal passwords

  1. Another op to establish and solidify the police state. If the “police” need to look into a particular file, they can surely hire a hacker that’ll do it faster than any court “search warrant” issue. That’s not the point at all, that’s the lame excuse. This is a psy-op, the softening of public resistance to automatic search and seizure. Ultimately the goal is to strip the “public” from any protection of privacy, leaving everybody open to police interpretation of what’s legal, just as in the US when the FBI “cleared” Killary of any wrong-doing even though her actions were clearly illegal. That is the police state. That the FBI got away with it says it all, and that’s what our erstwhile RCMP and associate criminal police industry want for themselves. When anybody and everybody is a criminal (or terrorist) until proven not guilty, that’s the police state. Give them an inch, they’ll take a mile, and some. And if a mile, why not 10 miles, and if 10 miles, why not the whole thing? Who needs a justice system when the police rule? Just install a few robots and can all judges and lawyers – it’s all technical, right? The next step: you want some freedom from police harassment? Bribe ’em with $$$ or sex or drugs or free labour or all four preferably. No bribes, no freedom. Welcome to Amerikanada.

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