8 comments on “Eloquent memes for an erudite community of anarchists

  1. The sad part is, they are collecting it, Leslie. Not the actual imaginary amount, of course, but that’s the plan. You borrow, say, $150,000 from the bank. The $ of course is non-existent, it’s just the “incentive” so you can live in debt while paying around $500 a month in interest… for essentially nothing. Meanwhile, a bunch of other costs go up: the bank needs you to pay extra on your collateral in case of fire, theft, whatever: you pay extra insurance fees. Now you’re being monitored, watched, and targeted for more loans, credit cards, and squeezed to force you to borrow more money to pay for the little things you can no longer maintain since your income dropped by $500 a month + costs. Multiply that by billions of people in debt. Great scam. Who’ll expose it in a credible, believable fashion and who’ll stop it? Hmmmm….

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