6 comments on “My Fellow Americans: We Are Fools

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    I am ashamed to be an American… soon to be an ex-pat, leaving for greener pastures. No other gov’t in the world charges for renouncing citizenship… something to think about. Renunciation fee now more than four times what it use to cost, from $450 to $2,350. US gov’t squeezes you coming and going, any mafia worth their salt should be so proud!

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  2. My kind of talk; my feelings exactly. I’ve always known what “America” truly stood for and never for one moment been fooled by the bullshit spewed under grandiose displays of stars and stripes flags. If there is one “good” thing about those two zombies running for murderer-in-chief of the warhouse, it’s that they may well push the sick, corrupt, blood-bloated, indebted dragon over the edge.

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  3. It’s easy to spout such attitudes, especially after watching the DNC fiasco, but “Americans” are not represented by those people. It’s my understand that a sizeable number of those cheering were actors and applause machines. I was a democrat since the 1970s up until sometime in these past four years when I backed away. When I witnessed blatant election fraud in several states by the democratic party, I completely withdrew. I have no party and no representatives. There is no one I trust to speak for me or represent me.

    These purported Clinton supporters we all witnessed at the DNC appear to me to be more like barbarians than democrats (and by the way so similar to those at the RNC that it’s almost impossible to tell the difference), not real Americans — at least in my view. They’re just louder, have a bigger platform, and more wealthy financial backers than the rest of us. It was a big show — an illusion of popularity — that was being put on.


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