10 comments on “Tales of a child bride: ‘My father sold me for 12 cows’

      • Yes, unfortunately. The truly sad part of this story is that if humans, particularly adults, chose to act kindly, compassionately, everything would be better and easier… for everybody, including the non-human aspects. It doesn’t take a lot of brain work to figure this out. Again unfortunately as soon as you mention “unconditional love” or compassion or the practice of empathy, somebody wants to form a group and no self-empowerment results, so we keep going into the endless loop driving that hamster wheel because this kind of corruption is driven by collectives, not individuals. It’s easy to explain why that is – without power groups you wouldn’t have marginalized people, i.e., poverty. In this case, there’d be no need to sell a child for cows.

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  1. Damn this is a harsh reality, I knew about human trafficking but this is totally insane when the culture and parents condone this practice. Tanzania may be the only country that deserves O’bummer as their supreme leader.

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