5 comments on “Sunday Memes that May be Recycled as Prophecies

  1. I can’t argue with dude except to say that Obama wouldn’t do that because he is just as bought and paid for as our so-called, ‘congressional representatives’. So, it would be a clear case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’. I called it a year ago when I said that Obama would never slither his ass back to Chicago when showed the back of his heels to the Oval Office and I am quite sure that many others saw the writing on the wall. And if he could not have come up with the excuse of remaining in Washington for his daughter’s education, it would have been over some other reason.

    Great post!

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    • I wonder how the man Obama can go on spewing words of hope and quasi wisdom, so he thinks, it’s all scripted social engineering, when his own town is a war zone. How many homicides in Chicago on weekends? 50-70? Who is he kidding? Come on Obomber, stop invading the world for the masters of the universe and come fix your country, your own back yard. It’s a disgrace.

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      • He can spew those useless words that even he don’t believe because he has no conscience. He is a psychopathic war criminal; just like Killar E. Clinton. That piece of dirty garbage should be peering out through prison bars; same as Obama.

        Chicago is out-of-control and the situation is not going to get any better. You see that not one political party’s convention was hosted in Chicago. But Obama wants to run around exclaiming to all and sundry that we are a beacon for democracy, freedom and justice, while drone striking wedding parties in Yemen, murdering innocent people in Iraq and Syria and elsewhere while this hell hole is exploding and imploding. Don’t that just beat all?

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