8 comments on “Here’s How to Revolt Using A Matchstick

  1. Well, since they say that ‘fire is cleansing’, I say, “Let’s burn it!” Don’t just burn the student loan debt. Where are the hackers when we need them? Let’s figure out how to confiscate the debt we owe on our credit cards, mortgages and so forth and so on and burn it.

    See? This is why everything had to go digital because papers get lost easily. Poof! Proof is gone, but if it’s digital, well…unless someone wipes the slate clean and I do mean…CLEAN…well, it is there through perpetuity.

    Another most excellent post Lou!

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      • Yes, I do! My son, I thought would most likely be exempt from the military seeing as how he believes that he is a hippie but since the U.S. military cannot be too picky these days in who it selects to ‘serve’, I don’t think even he would be exempt. And I’d smuggle him out of the country first anyway before it came to that. And yeah, I know, the NSA now knows my plans. Fuck them!


      • We have to adopt you and your family to Canada. I am one of the lucky ones I guess. It does not stop the suffering, I know.
        Look at what they have done to our families. You must start thinking in quantum terms, ya?
        I know what you will say, “No time for that, when your loved ones are being decimated.”.
        I say, think again, it’s coming. We are all fed up with it Shelby. And I am a whitey by the way.

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      • Lou, I am leaving this hole. I have already got my passport in order and I already have a travel agent who is seeing to my itinerary as I am first going to visit several counties before deciding on one in particular. I will have left the states long before the election.

        I’m still trying to talk my stubborn son into going with me.

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