9 comments on “The grammar police belong in the 18th century – let’s not inflict their rules on today’s children

  1. As an ESL’er, I have a story to tell regarding academically taught grammar. Let me preface that by saying, it’s total bullshit. I had to learn English at 16. When I got to grade 12, I still had no clue about English grammar: it was all Greek to me. The difference between a pronoun and an adjective? I still don’t know. Predictably, come the tests, I get above 90% mark in my English Lit – well I was taught in French schools, so I knew how to read… and WRITE – but I got a 48% (non-pass) mark in English grammar. So, I says to the “examiners” how do you explain that I can write essays with over 90% marks, in English, and don’t know English grammar? Obviously your testing is faulty, not my understanding. I’ll tell you what your testing is like. Say you are testing new drivers. You take them on the road and they pass the driving test with flying colours. Then you test them on the rules of the road and they pass that with flying colours. But now you add a little extra to the tests: you include a part of how an engine functions, how the transmission is connected to the differential, how the valves are tuned to the intake and exhaust ports; how the cylinders move when the proper mixture of air and gas intakes. So all your drivers fail your test and what do you claim? Obviously, since they don’t know the difference between a camshaft and a driveshaft, they can’t drive. Brilliant. So… I quite academia on the spot and have despised it since. I’d take that woman in the plane (Decline and fall of the English language) as having more intelligence than an academician of that ilk. At least she recognized that what was being written was an equation, not a script for a TV show.

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    • Funny, I am like you as English is my third language learned, and I share your disillusionment with academia. I used to glorify it but then I realized it’s just another biz like everything else in our corrupted society.

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