One comment on “Approaching a New Earth — The Fall of the Cabal

  1. I “liked” this opinion, but there are glaring errors in it, errors that someone who is truly “in the know” would know to avoid. First: that Luciferian agenda is a crock of shit. It’s the Jehovian agenda, and soon enough that will become quite clear. Lucifer is one of the most demonized revolutionaries of pre-earth times. SHE was the sex slave of a ruling Jehovah. She had been the queen of her people when her worlds were invaded by the Jehovians (of which the Hebrew/Christian god is a much later and lesser member titled Adonai) and to stop the massacres, she capitulated and was taken as a spoil of war, then because of her unsurpassed beauty, was “installed” as the ruling Jehovian’s concubine. Thus she secured some respite for her people, but they remained enslaved. Over time she saw opportunities as many Jehovian young “gods” had fallen in love with Luciferian females. Then came the time to test the waters. Lucifer lost, as we know, and was “cast to earth” as the saying goes. Long ago. And Lucifer was the “god” of our first creation as described in the seven days of creation at the very beginning of the Bible. Then came the OTHER story, about a Lord God who made himself at home on earth, created the “Garden of Eden” and cloned himself a new breed of humans known as Homo Sapiens whom he proceeded to brainwash, confuse, curse and use as playthings. That new “god” of course was a Jehovian, sent to take earth away from the still defeated Lucifer. The hatred of the Jehovians is boundless, and those who serve them must learn to hate, or become enslaved. The rest, as they say, is history. Man has been an excellent slave of Jehovah, even those who don’t believe in “him” because faith is really quite optional within the simplistic make-up of Matrix power: you work under three Powers: Religion, the State, and Money. You can serve all three at the same time, or you can devise a sub-system that relies on two, or only one. It doesn’t matter: you can’t change the basic set-up and however you serve, you remain in the squirrel cage.

    OK, that’s part one. Part two is much shorter: the claim is we must learn to love one another. Well, holy whatever, if we haven’t heard that one a zillion times over lifetimes after lifetimes and if we haven’t noticed that IT DOESN’T WORK, then the power of observation here is abysmal, or better put, non-existent. No – love ain’t gonna do it, people. Love’s a trick of the Matrix, and certainly its Cabal knows how to manipulate that emotion. What would do it, however, is simple: self empowerment through detachment and the total commitment to living a compassionate life. So what’s the difference between love and compassion? It’s like night and day. Love is reciprocal, compassion is not. Love “needs” to be acknowledged or it fizzles. Compassion has no need of any external input. How about that, huh? Who’d a thunked it!

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