4 comments on “Canadian man’s investigations into strange sounds heard world wide

  1. Hey, I used to hear that hum… annoying too. Then I did some thoroughly scientific research and self-tests. Turns out I only heard it when I was within 2 feet of my computer. Wouldn’t you know it but the fan went just after I found the source of the problem. (That’s a sick joke, I know, but it’s the best I can do on short notice.) Other than that, well, I do hear the “hum,” no, make that the thrum of ass-holes firing up their Harleys for their daily romp through residential areas, just to prove they can and the cops won’t do a thing about it. Anyway, if we’re going to talk man-made noise, where to begin? A hum would be a welcome bit of quiet!


  2. A lack of credible information is the cause of “conspiracy theories.” Personally, I don’t know of many (or perhaps any) “crazed conspiracies out there.” What I do know is that there are plenty of lying scumbags protecting the PTBs and trying to prevent the true facts from becoming known, and so I have to question the motives of anyone who would use the words “crazed conspiracies” or “conspiracy theories” to describe a widely reported happening.

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