3 comments on “Wireless, Chemtrails And You

  1. Well, I certainly figured that it’s impossible to spend as much time in front of a screen as we do without absorbing something harmful. Too bad I like being online too much to give it up….

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  2. I think this Dr Mercola article IS ESSENTIAL READING FOR EVERYONE


    It could truly change the game. It could have use against chemtrails too? I think this needs looking at


    ” The Power of Liability

    According to Beaulieu, social justice can be obtained by exercising the power within the body of rules and principles codified in modern commerce, which is a descendant of what’s known as “Law Merchant.” This can offer a highly effective lawful strategy to prevent and reverse the installation of a smart meter in your home and community.
    It involves holding corporate executives and government agents financially accountable for their decisions. Cal Washington, co-founder of the InPower Movement, is an “empowerment advocate” who has spent several years fighting for justice for people who have been abused by corruption within the justice system.

    Is it possible to hold corporate individuals accountable for their actions? Yes, it is, “and this has the potential to change everything,” del Sol Beaulieu notes, within his Episode 1. “The next 40 minutes is an overview of how this works.” Washington summarizes the Notice of Liability action he’s developed, which del Sol Beaulieu is sharing with the world through their film and website, as follows:
    “It’s basically a counter-offer [to the] contract that is being implemented to put a device on everybody’s house. They’ve got us into a tacit agreement. This [Notice of Liability document] clarifies and expresses the counter-offer in such a way that those who don’t want the meter can say ‘I don’t want a meter,’ and if [the power company] does put a meter on the house it’s going to cost [them] X amount of dollars per day … in order for you to carry out this contract.”

    ” I am extremely excited about this project as it can serve as a template for not only removing smart meters, but wireless technology in schools. It is important to understand that children are at much higher risk of EMF damage. As noted in the InPower trailer,5 this strategy may also be used to stop deployment of 5G, forced vaccinations and other problems of “profits before people.”
    On a call with del Sol Beaulieu and Washington last week, they explained to me how this process differs from others because it comprehensively lays the groundwork for the actual enforcement of the liability. “This isn’t the only possible solution,” del Sol Beaulieu said. “But we feel strongly about addressing the problem at its root, which is how money has corrupted social governance.”

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