3 comments on “Academia and Mainstream Media Attack “Conspiracy Theorists” Again

  1. Quote: “Do you think the moon-landings were faked, vaccines are a plot for mind control, or that shadowy government agencies are keeping alien technology locked up in hidden bunkers?”

    Yes, of course. Why? It’s not about facts or truth, it’s about having my own mind. It’s about “I get to decide, and the more you push your “facts” at me, the more I’ll push back.” Take the moon landings. They could easily have been faked. The “returned” astronauts could easily be Manchurian candidates, brainwashed into believing they actually went to the moon and back. There is enough scientific evidence to show that the tin-can machines used at that time could not protect biological life from deadly radiation through the Van Allen belt, or on the moon surface. “They” could have sent one set of astronauts on a one-way trip to the moon to take the pictures and supply the commentary while another set stayed in lower orbit to descend on cue. Should I accept the official story just because its official? Like, “they” never lie? It’s wiser to reject their story than to accept it, however that makes me look. Would I buy a used car from some “OK Wheeler” whose cars are known to fall apart after leaving the lot? And knowing that the whole “lamestream” bureaucracy is nothing but an apparatchik of disinformation, should we continue to live in Pleasant Ville?

    For me, being a “conspiracy theorist” isn’t about proving the other side wrong, or finding smoking guns, it’s all about getting to decide for myself. If “THEY” had nothing to hide, if they didn’t lie, why would they care what conspiracy theorists say, or do? The fact that they care says it all: they’re lying and they’re afraid of being exposed. My take.

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    • Good one. That’s pretty much how I see it as well. Who knows where the truth lies anymore? That’s why I retreat to aliens and other dimensions. The human realm is too constricted with stale beliefs and farty arguments. Who cares?

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    • Graham I remember this theory being floated in 2001 by Bill Cooper. JFK may not have even been killed, there’s a lot of info to back that up as well. Also, Abraham Lincoln’s death was a staged event.

      Adam Yes. Even though I don’t think Miles Mathis is trustworthy, and is strange and doesn’t add up. Supposedly a great artist. Yet he writes extensively on physics which seems a lot of distraction physics. Also, some have said the ”Miles Mathis” could be 3 or 4 people because of different styles on different articles. Also, his things ive read seem designed to shred the readers mind to bits, shattering our sense of reality that nothing is like it seems, and I wonder what mission he is on. But that said, I have read some things that seem valid. The one about Matt Damon for example, and Ben Affleck. Writing about the kosher nostra and all sorts of links and research in geneology. And then JFK. From what I read Mathis appears to make good points and this ties in with your comment here. The thing is, if JFK milling was faked and he is still alive, or consciousness transferred into something else, and if his brother and JFK junior wernt really killed either come to that. That’s very unnerving even though I wont turn away from this, if MM is right. But its very unnerving and what are we to make of it? Our view of this whole reality caves in, if it wasn’t already with other things. If the Kennedys are still alive then they must be a powerful faction acting from behind the scenes and maybe JFK staged it when he did, because theyd secured enough suppressed physics Breakaway civilisation SSP technology and infrastructure to escape into. All mindbending stuff. Another thing I wonder is are/were the Kennedys decent beings or Satanist scum like the rest. And interesting how Robert Kennedy is still here, talking about vaccines. Unless RK is a clone synth and JFKs consciousness is inside him now.

      Graham You’re entirely correct on all counts which is why I waited before dropping a link. Miles theory was just intriguing enough to give me major pause. There never was a definitive body revovered, all was scrubbed, switched, and so well planned, that it appears we’ll never know. Tech as you know at the time was probably 30-50 years ahead of the mainstream, which makes anything plausible. All we’re really left with as usual is he did not go out the way the official narrative describes. I definitely don’t agree with all MM writes of, he just seems too prolific in his output, and an accomplished painter as well? But, he makes me think. Also, it’s hard to discount the peerage he presents as well, these actors are all related in some form or another, JW Booth and Lincoln, Trump being Jewish? All is upside down and shaken, and as it plays out, we’ll have only ourselves to discern what is, because we may never know what was. Thanks for weighing in.

      Graham Also, it always blew my mind we were left with the Zapruder film, why did they not just confiscate it? It would’ve been so easy, but instead, they’ve allowed it out there, a moving archive that never really comes close to fitting their accounting, instead, it stands as a perverted punishment/example, to the rest of the plebs and future political actors. The entire film could have been manufactured, they certainly pulled that off with 9/11, maybe a rolling hollogram? Strange days.


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