4 comments on “Hungry for truth: Study finds RT watched by over 70 million people weekly, half of them watching daily

  1. What’s RT? She asks with raised brows and that twisted little smile that maddeningly accentuates her dimples. He says, honey, if you watched TV and you wanted something more than offered by lamestream media, you’d know about RT. OK, so what’s RT stand for, Really Terrific? He lunges at her, grabs her, squeezes her against himself and whispers, it’s the next best thing after you… Wow, she says, should I get jealous? 🙂

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      • There is so MUCH I love to read on this blog, so MUCH I agree with, or that agrees with me that I often finish a post and my mind goes, “Nothing to add?” to which I reply, “Nothing, I’m sated.” But you still want to say some sort of “thank you” without sounding like some hundred and eleven year old parrot from the Philippines, so you know it’s time to get creative. Thank you {deep bow} for your blog.

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