2 comments on “Western Society, A Victim of its Own Economic Hitmen, too!

  1. Quote: “why can’t the people cease participating in the whole rigged game and empower themselves away from the control grid by establishing, amongst themselves, an Agorist Society, or an Ubuntu cooperative, LET system, etc.?”

    There’s simple answers to why they don’t: they can’t, it’s that simple. They exist in a cage of dependencies and they have no clue how to live outside of it. Self-empowerment is, of course, the answer, but who actually considers what that entails? How do you become self-empowered? What’s the “trick” or the path to follow, or the rules to learn, etc.? That’s how dependent people reason. Where do I sign up? What’s the schedule? Where do you want me? When are the meetings? How much do the fees cost? How many members do you have? How’s the pilot project working?

    Self-empowerment means mental separation from everything Matrix. It means detachment. It means the willingness to give up on absolutely everything now offered as a solution to whatever. It means to face the fact that there are no solutions now available within the web of the Matrix. It means to become an individual; to reason for the self only; to reject anything that doesn’t come from the self. It means to reinvent oneself. It means no more dependency upon any system, whether spiritual or religious or political or economical or social. It means rejecting every belief as a lie. It means rejecting every collective and cooperative, including one’s family until everything is peeled away and nothing remains. Then it means rebuilding one’s mind using only one’s personal, untainted resources.

    Then it means returning to serve within those Matrix concepts on one’s own terms as a truly independent agent. It means working alone, always. No gods, no leaders, no gurus, no followers, no cling-ons, no dependents, no fans, no friends, no enemies.

    That’s the trick; the ticket to becoming self-empowered. The costs are enormous: they’re beyond counting since it means losing everything one had, and was, prior to the reinventing. But the benefits are also beyond counting: they’re infinite. You can’t imagine a world of self-empowered people or even a group of self-empowered individuals since that’s a total contradiction. You can only imagine one self-empowered individual: yourself.

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  2. That’s a pretty accurate definition, except the reference to being ‘your own God’ since god is also a Matrix invention. There is no applicable label to the self-empowered individual since it has no path, no pattern, and recognizes nothing as part of itself and is ever-changing. I’d even question the ‘in tune with the universe’ certainly in my case because I recognize ‘the universe’ in its current condition as also a slave of the Matrix. Yes, outfoxing the fox certainly, by simply laughing at all offerings and proposals and saying ‘no thanks’ to all of them. Then just thinking and doing what seems to me as being the right and proper thing to do. For this time, place, life, I did set a purpose for myself based on one single source of guidance: compassion. It’s the one thing no Matrix concept can corrupt and it’s certainly challenging enough.

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