8 comments on “The Economic Collapse Of South America Is Well Underway

  1. It is as I expected it to be. There are those, and I know many, who like to point out that the cloud has a silver lining and who consistently refuse to look at the cloud. Raw greed and the unabated religious faith in capitalism, that’s what bought the world of man here. Was it inevitable? Absolutely. Is there a possibility of a turn around? None.

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    • I agree. The more things change, the more they remain the same, and it’s getting worse. This all points out to another epic tragedy in the same scope as WW1 and WW2. Methinks the evil cabal is planning a major depopulation coup, as the chemtrails, GMOs, and the Big Pharma drugs are taking way too long. What do they have millions of coffins and underground bunkers all ready to go? The writing is on the wall. Doomsday Lou


      • But… hmmm… since they are psychopaths and sociopaths, why would they bother with the coffins? Why not incinerate, or bury, as the Nazis did? The “evil cabal” is indeed planning a depopulation “coup” but this massive die-back is going to happen over time – some three hundred years, and take many different forms: famine is number one; designer plagues (limited scope as they can so quickly go out of control and may not stop at the doors of the rich(!); wars and genocides a-plenty, possibly involving limited nuclear attacks, and diseases caused by poisons from the air (chemtrails, crop sprays), in the ground and in the water from industrial contamination and dumping of wastes, combined with a systematic withdrawal of medical help; wide-spread impotency from weakened bodies; shortened lives – every horror imaginable will play a role in the coming depopulation with a final “target” of a slave pool in the 800 millions to 1.5 billion being best guess. Finally the downfall of the elites themselves – 5 to 600 years – then a slow recovery from an awakening of consciousness resulting in a “new” kind of human species no longer dependent upon the old Matrix controls: no religion, no government and no money and best of all no bureaucracy – just self-empowered individuals working together to build a new way of life – a very interesting future which I’ve been “fortunate” enough to have glimpsed up to a thousand years from now. We’ll be changed, not dead, and after the thousand years, ah well, that’s when it gets really interesting! Let’s keep in mind here that any such “voyeurism” as mine is subject to the BIG RULE: that there always exists an infinite number of possibilities; that my view is just that: my view – one of endless possibilities. Plus, as they say in the movie, “The Fifth Element” – “Time not important, only life important.” The time frame isn’t important at all and life does go on, however changed, however mutated, however weird. There will be many successful mutations amongst humans, birds, animals and insects; adaptations; androids will be common; but for me the best part is a new awareness that allows free interaction between physical and dis-embodied entities, with the dis-embodied having full participation in all decision-making processes in think tanks; as inventors and problem-solvers. We will have our telepathic sense back; full memory recall – no need for clumsy recordings or libraries: each individual will have mind-access to it all – walking/living computers. Mind boggling stuff.

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      • I like your comment so much that I am making a post out of it. Hope you don’t mind. Great stuff.


      • “We are the free thinkers!” Everything I write is open to all, reprintable no permission needed, deletable if unwanted, commentable. And of course, thank you.

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      • Never had an offer like that before! I’m going to go for my run now since the sun is almost shining and the weather is global warming nice for March here, and think about this. Thank you. How do I present an article – via email?

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