3 comments on “Israel Bribed GOP Senator With $1M To Shut Down Iran Deal

  1. “Is Tom Cotton’s acceptance of donation money and his speaking out against America legal?” Bribe money from a foreign state to oppose one’s own country’s negotiations with another state… is that a question? However you look at it, that’s treason, pure and simple. But in a land where chief justices are murdered with impunity; where every politician is bought and paid for by the globalists, where the retiring chief pol, Mr. GMObama is too busy dickering with his owners to guarantee his cushy future, why rock the boat? Besides, who cares? Let’s just throw some more drugs and bad cops in the mix and watch the big flush. Apres moi, le deluge!

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    • How long must this farce go on? Will the American public wake up and smell the garbage? Not in this life, if you look at how easy the public is manipulated, mind- controlled, and it’s all in your face, the masters of the universe don’t even hide their agenda. The great unwashed public is hypnotized by shiny rhinestones.


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