11 comments on “Canadian Woman Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison For Giving Pigs Water To Drink [Video]

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    “The psychopaths of the world, would love nothing more than for all of us to be mindless droids, void of emotion like they are. The more the world’s apathy soaks into the minds of the public, the more humanity begins to look like them. This way, they’ll no longer be the ‘oddity’ of society because they’ll have company. Let us NEVER lose our compassion!” Dara

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    Compassion for animal welfare (including pigs) should not be ‘punished’ as a crime. If the owners of the transported animals do not want the attention of people who care for animal welfare, then the transportation of any animal should be done in a humane and considerate manner. Denying ‘pigs’ (or any other animal) access to water is inhumane, torture and an embarrassment. #StandWithAnita

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  4. The answer, people, is a massive boycott of any kind of pig meat and derivatives. Something that can be felt in the pocketbook. Of course the real answer is, just go vegetarian. I mean, what’s wrong with eating better, becoming healthier and spending less money on food because in many cases you can grow some of your own if you want to? Jeeeezzzzusssss, people, wake up. The human body was never designed to eat meat in the first place.

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    • My motto on food is from Pollan: “Eat well. eat less, mostly from plants.” And I’d add, from the Tibetans, “Eat less, laugh double, and love without measure.”

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