5 comments on “The U.S. Dollar Has Already Caused A Global Recession And Now The Fed Is Going To Make It Worse

  1. Like the UK who Osborne told us yesterday had the best recovering and growth in the G7. Yes that’s right the UK is going to debt free in four years, he actually said that! But anyway like us the US is being held up bar this proxy war and QE and false information. They collaspse long ago but smoke and mirrors give the illusion they are doing just fine. The war will be used as a excuse to show a deline and eventual collapse!

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  2. Just read this article-9 months later. Equality 333 mentions the war. But the war isn’t an excuse, it’s misdirection. Imagine “they” want to plunder your house because they believe you have valuables in there but you’re always home, or your home is guarded. They get you out by setting a neighbourhood house on fire and while you’re busy either helping, or taking pictures of the fire, they do their plundering. That’s the Fed, and the endless, ramping up of war, and to war. It’s hiding the fact that the nation has been, and is being, plundered by the Fed banksters and corrupt politicians – basically all of them. War is the only thing big enough now to hide their cartel crimes, and war has the added advantage of providing even more trillions in profits.

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